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The objective of this research was to arrive at a list of Top Multi specialty Super Specialty Hospitals
EMERGING HOSPITAL Jaypee hospital, Noida



There were some newly established hospitals that showed very good performance even though they have been established only recently and hence were not eligible for main rankings. However, it would have been an omission if they were not mentioned both from the point of view of readers as well as from other hospitals’ perspective. To make a mention of such hospitals, we created a category of Emerging hospitals which fulfilled the following criteria: l Came into existence post 2013 l Achieved high mentions amongst top hospitals in the Perception Survey ­ comparable to some of the top hospitals l Achieved overall good score It must be noted that not every hospitals that got established after 2013 will find a mention here but only those who have achieved a comparable mention and perception score made them eligible for an Emerging Hospital. The objective of this research was to arrive at a list of Top Multi special ty Super Specialty Hospitals. The research had 3 major modules i.e. Desk Research, Factual survey & Perceptual Rating survey followed by scientifically developed anlaysis & ranking process.


Fieldwork was conducted beginning the 2nd week of October 2015 to 4th week of December 2015.


The module 1 was a secondary research module. A comprehensive list of Multi specialty Super Specialty Hospitals were generated with the help of internet, magazines and other publica tions. The various sources used for generation of hospital list included: List of Hospitals from previous surveys (based on availability) A discussion with specialists to add delete any Hospital to ensure we have a comprehensive list As it is not possible to get a completely exhaustive list of exhaustive list of hospitals and include them in the survey , we had option of adding any new hospital name in the survey form if any respondent mentioned any hospital name ou side our list. Effectivel every Hospital had a chance of getting covered in the survey if their name was mentioned by the respondents.


The factual data sheet focuses on the following broad information areas: Accreditations Infrastructure No. of beds, Doctors, Nurses, Staff, Labs, Modern Equipments, etc.

Range of services specialties (No. of departments, Telemedicine, Tele consulting, critical care) Quality of doctors Skill, Competence, Experience, Permanent Doctors, Doctors on Panel, Foreign Collaborations, Senior Consultants Patient Care Treatment Patients database management for better understanding of patient profile Online appointments, online report availability, etc ICUs, OTs, MICUs, NICU, modern equipments available, etc.

On campus facilities Cafeteria, Health Insurance TPA management, Attendant facilities, Chemist (on campus pharmacy), etc.

Ease of payment facilities ­ online, credit card acceptance Diagnostic facilities Path labs, equipments available, user friendly reports Best practices followed research & innovations Best practices developments innovations that have been introduced in past few years Ethical committee


In the perceptual survey module for Top Multi Speciality Super Speciality Hospitals, a strucutred Questionnaire was administered to selected respondents including GPs CPs, Specialists (Cardiologists, Gastroentologists, Neurologists, Nephrologists, Oncologists, Paediatrician, Gynaecologists & Obstetrician, Emergency & Trauma care spe cialist). We feel experience per ceptions of patients & their care givers with hospitals is equally mportant, so we important, so we included Patients (who got admitted in any private hospital in last 6 months atleast for 5 days), Care givers (Family Member of the patient who takes all decisions) in our survey . A total sample survey of 1400 was conducted in across 12 citis viz Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmdabad, Bhubaneswar, Pune, Lucknow, Kochi & Chandigarh. The respodents were asked to rank & rate top five multispeciality hospitals in India, top five multi Speciality hospitals in their cities, top five hospitals in their respective specialities (both at national as well citi level). The parameters used for ratings were: Value for Money , Team of Con-sultants, Quality of treatment ­ both OPD & In-patient, Infrastructure, Hygiene & Cleanliness, Facilities & Public convenience, Innovation & Research facilities, Overall Brand Legacy .



A robust approach was followed to arrive at the final rankings. The step by step process is given below: Factual Score The information collected corresponding to similar parameters as in the perceptual survey A detailed scoring system has been developed for each parameter After assigning scores to each parameter, raw scores were calculated The raw scores were weighted by their importance to arrive at weighted scores The final entity score were calculated as in the perception survey Perceptual Score Ratings on various parameters for each entities Calculating importance of various parameters to arrive at weights for each parameter ­ we use a regression model to arrive at the importance of various parameters Calculation of raw scores and weighted scores for each parameter Calculation of overall score for each hospitals using importance weightage The final score for a hospital were a weighted average of respective hospitals Perception Score and Factual Score equal weightage given to both Some caveatsassumptions: Government or partly Govt. funded, Not for profit, and Charitable trust hospitals like CMC, Adyar Cancer Institute, TATA Memorial Hospital, Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital, Madras Medical Mission, The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, etc.were not included in the ranking, considering them as a different league of hospitals due to their legacy , huge infrastructure, sheer size of procedures performed at highly subsidized treatment cost, etc. We feel they are not directly comparable with other hospitals, thus have limited this survey to private corporate tie up hospitals Best efforts were made to reach maximum hospitals across specialties; however any hospital that did not send complete “Fact-Sheet“ within the allotted time was assigned an average Factual score for calculating their overall ranking Any entity which expressly stated that it did not wish to participate in the survey was excluded from the survey Sole selected entities within their respective specialties were not ranked Those hospitals which have been established before 2013 were considered for final rankings In case of Emerging Hospital list ­ Newer Hospitals (established post year 2013) were considered About i3 Research Consultants (i3RC) i3 Research Consultants (i3RC) is a boutique research & consultancy firm that is focussed on offering Superior Client Service, Strategic Insights, Innovation, Quality & Commitment.i3RC has a young and dynamic team of research ers who are very passionate about their work and are always willing to put that extra effort to make every project a great success. In addition i3RC has a team of highly experienced industry experts as consultants who provide their expertise for specific projects. i3RC is a full member of MRSI and follow MRSI code of ethics while conducting every research project. Given their commitment to quality, i3RC has developed a 3 tier and multi stage quality control system to deliver excellent quality. Note: Present survey has been conducted by an independent Research Agency named i3 Research Consultants using stated methodology for arriving at given rankings.