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Clear Udta Punjab With One Cut, Bombay High Court Tells Censor Board

  1. Bombay High Court to decide whether the 89 cuts on Udta Punjab will stay
  2. Court had reminded Censor chief Nihalani that his job is to certify
  3. “Udta Punjab” is slated for release on June 17
The Bombay High Court is likely to decide on the cuts imposed by the Censor Board in Udta Punjab.

The Bombay High Court is likely to decide on the cuts imposed by the Censor Board in Udta Punjab.

The film Udta Punjab can be released with only one cut, the Bombay High Court today told the censor board.

In the much awaited verdict over a series of controversial cuts imposed proposed by the censor board, the court said it wants only one scene of involving urination to be cut and the disclaimer modified.

Earlier today, the court said Udta Punjab does not question the “sovereignty or integrity” of India.
“We have read script in entirety to see if film encourages drugs. We do not find the film questions sovereignty or integrity of India by the names of cities, reference to state or by a signpost,” the court said, referring to the censor board ordering the deletion of “Punjab” and names of other places in the state in the film.

“It is not for anybody to interfere unless and until creative freedom is abused,” the court strongly remarked.

On Friday, the court had reminded Pahlaj Nihalani, chief of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), that his job is to certify films not censor them.

Mr Nihalani is at the centre of a storm over a string cuts he has inflicted on Udta Punjabwhose producer Anurag Kashyap and his Phantom Films have taken the board to court over it.

“The CBFC is not required by law to censor. The word “censor” is not in the Cinematograph Act. Therefore, if by law the board is empowered to make cuts and deletions in that power it must exercise it consist with constitutional guarantees,” the court said today.

On Sunday, Mr Nihalani said that the Censor Board had cleared Udta Punjab – based on the drug menace in the state – with 13 cuts under the ‘A’ category.

“The CBFC’s job is now over. It is now up to the producer to go to the court or tribunal. We will implement the order,” Mr Nihalani said.

Udta Punjab which stars Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt and Diljit Dosanjh is scheduled for release on June 17.

Source – NDTV

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