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‘October 2016’ Manufactured Patanjali Products Already in Markets

Patanjali Manufacturing Date Error: Manufacturing Date Printed as October 2016

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved is under the scanner yet again. This time, officials of the Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA) department stumbled upon two 1-kg packs of ‘Aawla Murabba’ which, has the manufacturing date printed as 20 October 2016 and the expiry date as 19 October 2017.

This sample was available for sale in the market. It was taken from a retail store in Kalyanpur Ring Road, The Times of India reported.


Since ‘Aawla Murabba’ is an ayurvedic medicine, it does not qualify as a food product, FSDA officials say.

Samples of products were taken from different stores in the same city for quality tests. The samples ranged from ‘soan paapdi’, cow’s milk ‘ghee’ and ‘turmeric powder’.

Furnishing wrong information about the product ultra vires the provisions of the Drug & Cosmetic Act.

Dr Shiv Kumar Verma, Drug Inspector (headquarter), Directorate of Ayurveda, UP

Along with this information being conveyed to the director of ayurvedic services in Dehradun, a sealed sample of the product is being sent to the labs for testing.

The news about Patanjali manufacturing date error is really shocking!!! It had broken the faith one had in these products. Food Safety and Drug Administration Department had detected the above-mentioned manufacturing date in the Patanjali Product named Aawla Murabba. Two packets of Aawla Murabba (Ayurvedic Product) had the manufacturing date printed as October 20 2016 and the expiry date October 19 2017. The Food Safety Department had collected the sample of the product, which is meant for sale from a retail shop in Kalyanpur Ring Roads.



This news should be taken seriously, since most of the common people buy products from the market without noting the manufacturing date and expiry date. Be cautious while buying any product from the market. Please check the manufacturing date and expiry date. This should be strictly followed in the case of medicines. Medicines used after expiry date will cause serious health issues.

Hope this information will act as a sort of awareness to common man. Please don’t blindly believe in advertisements related to famous products marketed by Private firms. Always remember external appearances are deceptive and the secret motive behind the advertisements of products is profit making at any cost, by silently killing the people. So be a vigilant!!



Source – Quintfantoosy