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PM Narendra Modi Address Rally In Saharanpur

PM Modi arrives in Saharanpur to address a mega rally marking his two years of governance. The PM is being welcomed on stage while the crowd chants ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’.


PM Modi is welcomed with a huge garland at the mega rally venue. 635998797685984086.

Huge crowds gathered on the Saharanpur ground can be seen waving the BJP flags.
We understand our accountability to the Indian people: Rajnath Singh on 2 years of NDA government in Saharanpur
  • We don’t want to do politics by shying away from the public glare, we want to be able to look our people in the eyes.
  • We will keep presenting records of our performance in front of the public.
  • There has not been the smallest accusation of corruption against this government. India’s stature has gone up all over the world.
  • There is no dearth of natural resources in India, but it has been looted for too long. This government has stopped it.
  • The Congress is being side-lined. It’s been driven out of the plains, and only resides in the mountain. I’m sure they will be driven out from there as well.

PM Modi takes the podium and begins the speech with ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ chants.
Modi: Bharat Mata Ki
Crowd: Jai


‘I Am An Uttar Pradesh-Wala,’ PM Modi Begins Speech At Mega Rally

I am Uttar Pradesh vala. Firstly, I want to apologise to you (crowd) that the place has fallen short. Many people are left out in the sun. You have come to bless me in this scorching sun is a great fortune for me. I want to thank you all.

I had said from the Red Fort, I may be called Pradhan Mantri but I am Pradhan Sevak. And I have relentlessly tried to serve the 1.25 billion people of India.

  • And I have relentlessly tried to serve the 1.25 billion people of India.
  • Governments come and go, elections come and go, but governments are there to fulfil the dreams of the people.
  • Over the last two years people have seen our work.
  • When NDA leaders chose me as their leader in Parliament and I gave my address.
  • I had said my government is dedicated to the poor of the country.
  • We have taken up those works which will give poor the power to fight and defeat poverty.
  • Next year India will celebrate 70 years of Independence.
  • Our efforts have been to strengthen the states.
  • We have endeavoured to ensure states work for the people.
  • There was a time when 65% of the wealth used to be with the Centre and 35% with the states.
  • So the biggest call we took was to keep 35% with the Centre and 65% with the state treasury.


If Our Farmers Are Given Water, They Can Grow Gold From Soil: PM Modi


We have made a programme to give 2 lakh crore to the gram panchayats, so that lives in villages are transformed. Schools, hospitals, electricity – we have stressed on these. Only those programmes that transform the lives of the poor: PM Modi on 2 years of governance.

There was a time when I took the responsibility, that time sugarcane farmers owed Rs. 14K crore. Sugar mills, state governments – none were bothered. They gave piecemeal solutions but no permanent solutions. We tried to make sure sugarcane farmers got their dues on time. Rs. 700-800 crore is still left. I urge state governments, and warn sugar mills.
All these years what you have done to the farmers, you wont be allowed to do anymore. Government has made rules that sugarcane farmers wont have any dues left: PM Modi in Saharanpur.
  • Our lands have been destroyed, so we have given farmers soil health cards. So that farmers know what to do ahead.
  • We have a big dream for irrigation.
  • Have spoken for hours with Chief Ministers where there is a water scarcity and trying to make sure water reaches all corners.
  • But I urge you to save the most water we can during this year’s monsoons.
  • During calamity, the compensation to farmers, has been overhauled.
  • Earlier if half the crop was destroyed only then they would have been compensated. That has been brought to one-third now.
  • We have brought the PM Crop Insurance scheme.
  • This scheme will give great benefits to the scheme when there crop is destroyed or wasted.

Rich vs Poor In PM Modi’s Words
Friends, the gas cylinder was made a thing for the rich by the past governments. Poor weren’t allowed to dream of gas ovens. Poor mothers were made to take smokes of 400 cigarettes when the cooked on wood and coal.
I told the people, if you can afford it, give up the gas subsidy. 1 crore families have given up subsidy this is not a small thing.
So last year we gave gas connections to 3 crore poor families. And plant to give 5 crore more in next 3 years to families.


Till Women Are Empowered, Mother India Won’t Be: PM Modi On Women Empowerment

  • There has not been a bigger move to empower women since independence. Today women are fewer compared to men. Because there is female infanticide. So we have run a program beti bachao, beti padhao.
  • We have a fashion in our country to link programmes to caste, communities and vote bank.
  • For me 1.25 billion people in this country are my family. There is no caste, no community.
  • When I speak of beti bachao, beti padhao, I speak for girls from all castes and communities.