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PM Narendra Modi Launches Second International Yoga Day Highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the second International Yoga Day celebrations in Chandigarh on Tuesday. PM Modi addressed thousands of people gathered for asanas at Chandigarh’s Capitol Complex. Over 30, 000 people, including 100 differently-abled children, participated in the event, which began at 6.30am. The theme of this year’s event is to ‘Connect the Youth’.

In his address, PM Modi announced two awards to be given out on the Third International Day next year.

In his address, PM Modi announced two awards to be given out on the Third International Day next year.

PM Narendra Modi addresses thousands of people gathered for asanas in Chandigarh this morning on the second International Day of Yoga.

Here are the highlights from the PM Narendra Modi address on Yoga Day in Chandigarh:

  • At this moment, in every corner of the world, people have joined this programme of Yoga.
  • And all countries of the world have joined this programme according to their time the UN is celebrating IYD all over the world.
  • And all countries of the world have joined this programme according to their time.
  • The UN is celebrating International Yoga Day all over the world.
  • It was started last year on India’s request.
  • This day was picked because in many parts of the world June 21 is the longest day. This is the day when the Earth is closest to the Sun.
  • We got the support of the entire world – both developed and developing countries.
  • People of all classes supported it.
    UN celebrates many days round the year but this one has become a Jan Andolan(People’s Movement) unlike any other.
  • There are many days for health marked by the UN- World Cancer Day, World Health Day, World Mental Health Day, World AIDS Day.
  • But this is the day that is related to not just physical and mental health but also social health.
  • This is a day of also the traditions that have been handed over to us by our ancestors.
  • Yoga is a also a life discipline.
  • Sometimes people cannot understand this due to their limited understanding.
  • Yoga is not for getting something.
  • Yoga is about what we can give up.
  • It is a path of mukti (liberation), not paane ka (attainment).
  • Yoga is for peace in this world, unity in the world, not a science of heavens.

  • Yoga teaches us how to calm our mind and energise our body.
  • And if this balance is achieved, then our body can become a medium for achieving all we want.
  • Yoga doesn’t discriminate among rich-poor, literate-illiterate.All you need is some space.
  • There is no life insurance anywhere in the world in zero budget, but yoga gives life assurance in zero budget.
  • Yoga is an inexpensive, simple way to improve your lives. I urge you not to wait, make yoga a part of your life.
  • Just like you have made the mobile phone a part of your life, you can adopt yoga.
  • Yoga is now popular all over the world.
  • We have become very busy, we have become cut-off from ourselves. Yoga can help us connect us to ourselves.
  • Yoga has become the centre of physical, mental, spiritual and social conscience.
  • Yoga is also becoming a major economic sector worldwide.
  • People are finding employment, billions are being invested, there are 24-hour yoga channels – all for yoga.
  • I have a request, next year, when we celebrate Yoga Day. Can we focus on one issue? And that is diabetes.
  • Diabetes is growing in India. Yoga can help control it
  • Can we start a people’s movement to target diabetes through yoga?
  • If we can cure a few thousand people, we would have achieved a lot.
  • Yoga is not just a guarantee of fitness, but also wellness.
  • Today on the second International Yoga Day, on behalf of the Indian Govt, I am announcing 2 awards. Next year, on this day these awards will be given on behalf of India:
    1.    Best contribution to Yoga internationally
    2.    Best contribution to Yoga within India
  • Both people and organisations can win this award.
  • I once again thank the world for adopting this great Indian tradition.
  • I thank the people, yoga gurus, people of all generations.
  • All this space here in Chandigarh perhaps has not been used as well as it is has been today.
  • I am very happy to see thousands of people join us.


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