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She Cuts A Pair Of Old Jeans And What She Ends Up With Is Just Amazing!

Everyone has a hidden talent in themselves, some are born creative, and some acquire creativity. But one thing is for sure that people try every mind of them and take things to another level of imagination. This girl tried her power of creativity in repairing her old jeans. Her trick will be beneficial for all; as you and everyone around you must be having old pairs of jeans that don’t fit anymore and is kicking in the closets.



Learn to upcycle your old jeans and the denim life hacks so as to create beautiful household items and accessories and items. So do not let your denim go waste and try these tricks.

1 Denim wine bottle bag

#1 Denim wine bottle bag

As a wine bottle is 13 inches long, so cut the pant leg at 15 inches. Just sew one of the bottoms and turn the bag right side out. You can use flowers, ribbons, and a tag.

2 Denim pocket garment garland

#2 Denim pocket garment garland
Use a craft knife and a cutting mat. Just make slits inside the seams around the top and join the pockets together with a ribbon. This will create a garland of pockets.

3 Denim placemat

#3 Denim placemat
Remove the pockets, cut out front and back panel making a rectangular shape. Sew the panels and iron them to keep as flat. Measure the placemat top with standard size and using a tape, attach the pocket to the front of denim. Cut the excess of bulk from denim corners and find it as perfect.

4 Denim tool belt

#4 Denim tool belt

Cut the 2 denim parts and place one of the parts onto another. The second part attached should be little below and also sew in between the second part so as to give small pockets in it. Then stick the belt on it and sew that too with the two ends of denim.


5 Denim crochet carpet, an eye-catchy decor.

#5 Denim crochet carpet, an eye-catchy decor.
For this, you’ll require 5 pairs of denim jeans with 1 size 15mm crochet hook and one tired arm. Cut the legs of denim in a spiral way till crotch arrives and then roll them into the ball. Sew both the ends of the ball onto denim till you come near crocheting. And you will achieve your mat.

7 Recycled denim oven mitt

#7 Recycled denim oven mitt
First, pin the two denim panels together and sew using a narrow hem. Then turn wrong sides to the inside. Using a pencil’s eraser push out the thumb and edges.  Press with iron. Next, put 2 fabric lining panels together and machine stitch the narrow hem around mitt. Check fit and trim edges if required.

8 Denim napkins

#8 Denim napkinsMeasure squares of 6×6 as many as you can. Then bleach the cut piece with the help of stamp pad and then spray the hydrogen peroxide so as the design is set. You can create several patterns using stencils and other pattern-making tools.

10 Denim cell phone case

#10 Denim cell phone case

To start with, fold denim over my phone with the reverse phase facing outwards and leave an inch of room on each side. Sew around 3 sides leaving the top. Once you are finished with sewing part, add some pretty ribbon on top to give a final touch.

11 Denim Slippers

#11 Denim Slippers
Print out the pattern pieces and know the size by standing barefoot on the sole pattern. Cut one sole piece and one upper piece and choose the favourite shade of blue for the top upper and draw on stitching lines using a pencil or chalk. Repeat the same with other leg. Sew the upper part to the sole and the slipper is ready.